Gothic Picnic!

Hello, thought you might be interested in knowing that there is a Gothic Picnic on in Bristol on the 17th June, at 3pm.

Its upstairs in the Griffin Pub BS1 5AP.

Unfrtunately I wont be able to go, but thought |I'd let you know anyway as it will be well worth the visit.

All the best,


Gothic Tea Party

Just wanted to invite all the lovely Bath Goths to Bristol for a spot of tea and chat.

Also, hoping you can make it down darkjewelz, I have not seen you for ages.

The tea party is on Sunday the 17th of June at 3pm. We are upstairs in The Griffin pub. Please bring along something cake-y or biscuit-y etc etc to share.


Go to the top of Christmas steps and left, its the triangular shaped pub.

If you are not familiar with Bristol it might be easier to approach from the Hatchett. Walk up the hill from the Hatchett with the Acedemy on your left and the Colston Hall to your right. Carry on in a stright line, its the triangular pub on the right once you reach the junction.

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I've got two bits of information for you.

The first is that the BATH GOTH MEETUP is still going strong, attracting new members and creating a space for the gothically inclined to meet and make friends.

Our next meetup is on the 18th April at 8pm in the Hobgoblin pub, Bath.

There is also a new SWINDON GOTH MEETUP.  They had a meeting yesterday. If you're interested, contact a_b_e_feline.

The second bit of news I'm passing on to you on behalf of the band KARMADEVA who are playing the Gotham festival in London in the 12th May.

If you go to their Myspace page, you can get DISCOUNTED TICKETS for 8 quid instead of ten.

All the best,


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Hi all,

The next Bath goth meetup is on Weds 18th, 8pm. Hope you can make it.

Apologies for not posting last month's meetup. I forgot, due to having too much to do. It went ahead as usual, and there were about eight of us.

I'm unfortunately unable to make the Swindon do, but it would be great if some of you could make it and I hope to make it next month. I'd be able to offer a lift to anyone who would also like to go in May.

Swindon Goth Meetup

Many thanks to   darkjewelz for letting me post this here.

I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to attend the Swindon Goth Meetup. We are a new meetup, having started back in February. The next Swindon Goth Meetup will be held on Friday 13th April, at The Castle, North Street, Old Town, Swindon. From 7:30pm onwards.

Directions and a link to a map can be found

We look forward to meeting you.