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Wednesday 15th: Goth Meetup First Anniversary! [Aug. 12th, 2007|10:20 am]
Bath Goth Meetup Group


Hello darklings,

The goth meetup has been a little quiet the last couple of months as I (and lots of other people) have been away but this Wednesday (15th August) is the first anniversary.

I've already heard from a few people that they're going to be there so I think its going to be a good one.

I'm going to goth up a bit more this time too, since it's a special occasion, and I haven't had a chance to for far too long now. Please feel free to do the same!!

Some of us are going to get a meal before the pub. If you're interested in coming along, leave a message in the comments and I'll get back to you with details.

Oh, and I'll be bringing a CHOCOLATE CAKE to the meetup: now you can't refuse, right?!!

See you on Wednesday,


[User Picture]From: darkjewelz
2007-08-13 06:38 pm (UTC)
Its a proper place, but its just as quick as the Hong Kong, especially at that time (6pm ish) I think it should be fine and I don't think it will be a massive group, as most people can't make it till later. I told Emily about it. Are you working that day? What time shall I meet you?
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[User Picture]From: janinemarriott
2007-08-14 11:51 am (UTC)
I will be finished work at about 5.30 so I can meet you at museum or I can meet you at restaurant at 6. i know where java is. Anyone else planning on joining us yet?
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